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Kevin Brown 

Kevin Brown


About Me

Teaching has been a joy for me since the first time I ever got in front of a class. I've taught in California, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam, and I love working with students on reading, writing and critical thinking. My teaching philosophy, in one word, is engagement. Students who are involved in class will learn from everything they encounter: books, the teacher, each other. IVC is an especially meaningful place for me to teach, as it exemplifies what a “community” really is: people from all over the world working hard to achieve a goal, and caring about each other along the way. IVC is an incredibly rewarding place to teach, and this is an amazing time to be a teacher and a student. Education is changing, and our ESL students are filling up every last seat in every last section of the classes we offer! There is a definite sense of purpose and commitment, and students are truly learning professionals. It is an honor to work with you, and it is a lot of fun. Here's one small tip I got from a student today: enroll in the earliest class so you can get a parking spot. See you in class!

Educational Background

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Liberal Arts, LA 209

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E: | Liberal Arts, LA 218

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E: | A 200 Building, Room A 234

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