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English as a Second Language

ESL Multi-Skills Courses at IVC

Multi-Skills courses, ESL 340A/B through ESL 361A/B, are for-credit classes that help non-native speakers of English develop reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills all together. 

ESL Course Sequence, Multi-Skills

ESL Multi Skill Sequence 

  • These 5-unit courses usually meet twice a week for 2.5 hours. Financial aid is available for students who qualify.
  • Students need to take the ESL assessment first to be placed in the appropriate level. 
  • Each level is split into two different classes, an A course and a B course. Students need to enroll in the A course the first time. If students pass the A course, they can then enroll in the B course the next semester. Here is an example:

ESL Multi Sequence 

  • Different curriculum is given in fall and spring semesters, so students taking the A and B courses sequentially will not repeat class materials.   
  • Lastly, some students accelerate through the ESL courses because they acquire English quickly. These students are allowed to skip ESL levels and sometimes skip the B class or a whole level. Students should enroll in their first ESL course A class and talk to their instructor about possible acceleration if interested.


Rebecca Beck
Co-Chair and Instructor, ESL
O: LA 218

Jeff Wilson
Co-Chair and Instructor, ESL
O: LA 218

Brent Warner
Instructor, ESL
O: A 234

T: 949-451-5510
AESL Center, Room B382