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What do our students think of IVC's ESL Program?


"Before my ESL classes, I couldn't talk to my son's teachers. Now I can talk to them. I couldn't talk to my customers at work. Now I can."
- Firouz           


"Before my ESL classes I couldn't listen, speak, read or write. But now I can talk to my children using English, and I can check their homework and read some English stories to them. Sometimes I can write messages to them in English."


"In my opinion, every single immigrant needs to take ESL classes to improve their language. When I came to America, I did not know how to write or speak perfectly because I did not know how a native English speaker really writes or speaks. Taking ESL classes introduced me to how to write and speak academically, which is needed for all students looking for a degree or to transfer for a four year college."


Liberal Arts, LA 209

Rebecca Beck
E: | Liberal Arts, LA 218

Susan Fesler
E: | A 200 Building, Room A 234

Susan Stern
E: | A 200 Building, Room A 235

Jeff Wilson
E: | Liberal Arts, LA 218

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