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English as a Second Language


There is no class fee for Adult ESL classes, and class textbooks can be borrowed from the class teacher for free. Students can also buy their own textbooks at the IVC Bookstore.

However, students need to pay for the following each semester:

  1. $20(Fall/Spring semesters) $17 (Summer semester). For more information, visit the Health and Wellness Center.
  2. $40 parking permit. $25 (Summer semester) For more information, visit Campus Police.
  3. $48 Burlington English Learning Software fee for 6 months. This online language program is used in class and at home. Students also need a headset, which costs about $20.


Rebecca Beck
Co-Chair and Instructor, ESL
O: LA 218

Jeff Wilson
Co-Chair and Instructor, ESL
O: LA 218

Brent Warner
Instructor, ESL
O: A 234

T: 949-451-5510
AESL Center, Room B382