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French Department:

French at IVC

The French Department at IVC emphasizes engaging and dynamic instruction. Our instructors are highly educated, experienced and passionate about teaching French language and culture. We believe that interaction is the ultimate means and goal of language learning.  Instructors create a stress free, fun environment that make French approachable.  Instructors use activities like listening, recognition, repetition, dialogues, skits, games, songs, and videos. This style of teaching is effective and by the end of the first semester of French, students are already able to communicate with native speakers on basic topics. Additionally, students enrolled in French classes enjoy considerable support from their instructors, in the Language Acquisition Center and in the mini-community of French learners the engaging class style creates. French 21, our French culture and civilization class is taught online, in English and introduce students to the basics of French culture.

  • French 1 and 2, our first year beginner French classes, focus on listening and communication and develop speaking skills in everyday life situations.
  • French 3 and 4, our second year, intermediate French classes continue to focus on communication while making room for more advanced grammar and vocabulary.
  • French 10 and 11 are conversation classes and provide opportunities for improving and practicing vocabulary, connect students directly with French and Francophone people and organizations in the community and allow for conversing freely in French.


Brooke Bui, PhD
Dean, Languages & Learning Resources

O: LA 209

Erika Arendts
Sr. Admin. Assistant, Languages & Learning Resources

O: LA 207