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Biennial Outdoor Sculpture Invitational

"In a culture focused on the present, permanent public art serves an important function. Art is a vision of possibilities and potential. It becomes public art when that vision is communicated to as large an audience as possible because then it does more than define our common ground. It becomes an actual symbolic connector not only between diverse members of a single community, but a vital link to the past and to the future."

~ Harriet F. Seine, Professor of Art History, CUNY

IVC BOSI Project 2008-2009

Thank you for your interest in our successful inaugural Outdoor Sculpture Invitational. Your support of IVC's efforts to bring public art to our community college campus in Irvine, California has resulted in the twenty-four month lease of five works of art by five awarded artists currently working in California and Arizona.

Jean-Louis Astier
Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Jason E. Butler
Up, Up, Up to where even George W. Bush has got Soul (after Neil Young)

Matthew Furmanski
Crossroads Oracle: A Lantern for Diogenes

Esmoreit Koetsier

Jon Seeman
Elements in Motion

Awarded Artists' Biographies

Learn more about the artists and their participation in the IVC BOSI Project 2008-2009.

View this short documentary detailing the concept of the BOSI Project and the installation of the first five works.

IVC Permanent Collection

Jon Seeman's Elementsin Motion has been recently purchased by the Associated Students of Irvine Valley College, and gifted to the College. In addition, Irvine Valley College has purchased Esmoreit Koetsier's Compression. These two works hold the distinction of being the first two works in the new IVC Permanent Sculpture Collection.