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2008-2009 BOSI Artist


Red SculputureIrvine Valley College and the Art Department believe that the visual arts are an essential element of education in a vibrant and informed society, and are dedicated to the growth of the visual arts in Orange County and the greater southern California region. Engaged in an ambitious building program, Irvine Valley College, the School of Fine Arts, and Art Department envision a campus that acts as an open environment for creative investigations and the resulting aesthetic works. It is out of this dedication to the visual arts that the BOSI Project originated.

The Bi-Annual Outdoor Sculpture Invitational provides IVC with the vehicle to bring new sculptural works by professional and emerging artists onto the campus in an effort to promote art, enhance the educational experience, and enrich the working environment. Conceived in 2007-08 and funded in 2008-09, the BOSI Project provides for the 24-month lease of the five awarded works of sculpture. While the lease ensures that each work will remain on the IVC campus for a two-year period, it is the college's hope that some of the works eventually will be purchased as part of an emerging permanent collection. The BOSI Project is a bi-annual rotation of sculptural works, with plans to bring additional works onto campus in 2011.

BOSI 2008-09 Awarded Artists   

Bosi Group photoJason E. Butler is a product of the California Community College system, having received his AA in art in 1998 at Mendocino College. In 2002, he completed a BA in art at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California; and in 2006 was awarded an MFA from the University of Arizona. Mr. Butler has held faculty positions in both California and Arizona. He currently teaches Blacksmithing and 3-D Design at Pima Community College as well as Metalwork Immersion at Khalsa Montessori School - both in Tucson. He has been involved in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and his works are in multiple permanent collections in Kansas, Arizona, and California. Jason is an Eagle Scout and has spent time engaged in humanitarian aid and teaching English in Argentina.

Jon Seeman is a native of Laguna Beach and part of an artistic family long recognized in the area. He began his career at age 16 with the completion of his first welded steel sculpture, and with the community look at red scuptureencouragement of his father - an engineer - he began his artistic journey. Mr. Seeman received his arts education at Otis College of Art and Design and the University of California, Irvine. His sculptures have won numerous awards and have been exhibited in galleries and shows throughout the United States; they are in private public and corporate collections from New York to Japan. today, Mr. Seeman works out of his professional studio in Laguna Beach.

installation using forkliftIVC is proud to claim Esmoreit Koetsier, and his photographer wife, as alumni. In 2000, he completed his AS degree at Riverside Community College. Mr. Koetsier is a Dutch-born design engineer who from an early age was exposed to art, and by his teens had begun to experiment with metal fabrication. By his mid twenties, his interests had fused, resulting in his embarking on a career in contemporary sculpture. Today, Esmoreit's art works have crisscrossed the nation - in exhibits from Florida to California, and as part of permanent collections from Texas to Wisconsin.


In 1962, Frenchman Jean-Louis Astier and his young American bride, Patricia, left Paris for Rome, where he began his career as a geophysical consultant. Six years later he opened Geostudi, a company that stone scupturemanufactures and commercializes geophysical equipment. His career consulting assignments have included 148 missions in 40 countries for both United Nations agencies and foreign governments. In 1971, he published La Geophysique Appliquee a l'Hydrogeologie, which has since been translated into Spanish and Arabic. In 2000, he sold his company to an Italian buyer and retired to Rancho Santa Fe, California. Soon fascinated by the suggestive lava rocks on his southern California property, Mr. Astier created his first primitive-style sculpture in 2002. to date, he has completed over 20 works that reflect his education, his career and his native culture.

artist working on installationMatthew Furmanski is a southern California sculptor-teacher by profession and a sailor-surfer by design. Matthew received his BFA from Chapman University in 1993, and his MFA in sculpture from Claremont Graduate University in 1995. Currently, Mr. Furmanski is an assistant professor of art at California State University, Channel Islands. As an artist, Matthew often used recognizable materials closely associated with industry, and places them within an artistic context in order to "deny concrete use and maintain their integrity as sculpture ... flickering between the world of industry and the realm of the aesthetic object". Mr. Furmanski's work has been highlighted in both the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times, and can be seen in exhibitions throughout the state. 

 bosi sculpture collage

(Left to Right) "Elements in Motion" Jon Seeman, "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" Jean-Louis Astier, "Compression" Esmoreit Koetsier, "Crossroads Oracle: A Lantern For Diogenes" Matthew Furmanski, "Up,up,up to where even George W. Bush has got Soul (after Neil Young)" Jason E. Butler