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Our Mission

The IVC Dance Department’s mission is to provide a high quality, comprehensive dance program dedicated to excellence and committed to meeting the current and future learning needs of our diverse community.

Dance Department History

Dance began at IVC as part of the School of Kinesiology, Health and Athletics. In 1996, Kathryn Milostan-Egus was hired as the first full-time faculty member for dance. Kathryn, along with the help of Ted Weatherford, developed the dance department into what it is today. From 2005-2014, the IVC Dance Department underwent many changes. The department changed from focusing primarily on dance technique to become a more performance-based program, and joined the School of the Arts. The Dance Department hired its second full-time faculty member, the beloved Marie de la Palme, during this period. Marie developed the Performing Dance Ensemble, a unique performing company for advanced dancers. Following Marie’s death in 2014, the Performing Dance Ensemble lives on as her legacy. In 2016, the Dance Department hired Jennifer La Curan as a full-time faculty member.

The Dance Department offers an Associate in Arts degree in dance, a Certificate of Achievement in commercial dance, a Certificate of Proficiency in dance technique, and a Certificate of proficiency in mind body therapy, along with many other dance courses that are transferrable for many different areas of study.