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Keyboard Performance

The IVC Keyboard Department is a vibrant program with renowned piano faculty and visiting artists, impeccably maintained Steinway pianos, and a busy calendar of concerts.

  • The Piano Performance and Ensemble course and Piano Major train top local and international students to perform and transfer to elite conservatories and music programs. Students from this course have been accepted to Juilliard, Stanford University, USC, and other music conservatories. Visiting artists have included teachers from USC, Curtis, UC Irvine, and the Colburn School. All students in the performance course and major have the opportunity to perform on the main stage of the Performing Arts Center, which boasts two new Steinway D concert grand pianos.
  • The Keyboard Series brings a strong performance component to the department, featuring many of our Juilliard-trained IVC piano faculty and internationally renowned guest keyboard artists.
  • Group Lessons: Group piano classes are offered for every level of student, from the absolute beginner to the advanced. The Piano I, II, III, and IV courses offer a comprehensive and effective piano program which provides a solid foundation in reading notation, technique, and repertoire. Our brand new Yamaha Keyboard Lab ensures that every student has their own keyboard, with students receiving individual as well as group training.
    • Piano I — MUS 54: This course provides group piano instruction for beginners. It emphasizes basic technical and interpretive skills. The course presents the foundations of keyboard musicianship, including standard music notation; pentascales; and tonic, dominant and subdominant harmonies.
    • Piano II — MUS 55: This course provides group piano instruction for second semester piano students. It introduces short classical repertoire, continues the development of technical and interpretive skills, and expands upon the foundations of keyboard musicianship.
    • Piano III — MUS 56: This course provides group piano instruction at the intermediate level. Students focus on the performance of repertoire from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern periods, as well as popular compositions. The course stresses various aspects of piano technique, including major and minor scales; arpeggios in three octaves; keyboard harmonization; and stylistic interpretation.
    • Piano IV — MUS 57: This course provides group instruction in piano at the advanced level. The course focuses on the historical background and theoretical structure of works from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern periods; and on the analysis and criticism of each performance through teacher and group discussion. Preparation for performances includes research and listening in addition to much practice. Students strengthen and refine skills in style, interpretation, and technique, participating in both individual and group assignments.

Applied Piano- MUS 51

Private piano lessons (MUS 51) are available for piano majors only based on audition.

This course provides one individual keyboard lesson per week with an instructor on the Applied Music faculty. Performances for a faculty jury will be required at the end of the semester. The course is designed for the music major whose performance ability is at a college level.

Piano Master Class Program

The Piano Performance and Ensemble course (MUS 59) is repeatable four times. A required course for piano majors.