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Theater Arts:

Theatre Arts Courses

The theatre curriculum at Irvine Valley includes courses in acting, directing, theatre production and theatre design. Theatre students are encouraged to participate in a variety of theatrical performances, among them dramas, comedies and musical theatre. The Department of Theatre emphasizes the development of the many and various skills required in the theatre— including stagecraft, lighting, costuming, production and video production. The curriculum also includes courses in theatre appreciation, voice and diction, and singing.​​​​​​​

  • Acting
    • Our courses in acting address traditional techniques, theories, and philosophies of acting.  Improvisation, scene study, character development, and text analysis are all central to our courses.  This also includes studies in period styles, such as classic Greek or Elizabethan to performing contemporary styles from absurdism to the present.​

  • Acting Conservatory & Play Production
    • ​​Students find many opportunities to work in the field of Theatre Arts through our Acting Conservatory and Play Production. Rehearsal and Performance classes give the actor an opportunity to prepare for performances in comedy, drama, and musical theatre. Students wanting to work behind the scenes have opportunities to apply their technical theatre skills in the scene shop, costume shop, or assisting with stage lighting and sound.

  • Costume Design
    • This course studies the principles of costume design, the basic process of design, character analysis, and rendering techniques. Lectures include a survey of fashion history and a study of textiles. Crew assignment for a major production will provide instruction in construction.

  • Lighting & Sound Design
    • ​Students will learn the roles of the lighting designer and sound designer in a theatrical production team. The course includes a discussion of the historical background and the technical mechanics of theatrical lighting and sound.​

  • Musical Theatre & Voice
    • In Musical Theatre classes, our students are introduces the principals and techniques in performance.  Vocal selections include not only musical theatre standards, but jazz standards and selections from pop and rock genres.  Students participate in solo and choral singing, dancing, acting, and auditioning techniques. 

      In Voice and Diction classes, students study the principles and practices of vocal and articulatory development and control.  The course provides drills in phonations and drills for clarity, ease in articulation, resonance, and vocal variety.​

  • Scenic Design
    • Courses in Scenic Design introduce students to the principals and technique of design.  Projects focus on the interpretation of plays through scenic elements with emphasis on the design process and the dramatic use of space.  Also explored are various media, floor plan development, scale model making, rendering techniques, manual and computer-aided drafting, and computer applications for set designers.​

  • Theatre History & Appreciation
    • Course​s in Theatre History and Appreciation examine the history of theatre, the role of the actor and director, and exemplary plays from ancient Greek through present day. Great plays reading and discussion courses are designed to study significant plays from the major eras of the world of drama. Students explore the development of the play script in terms of themes, characterization, and dramatic structure, as well as analyze philosophical and cultural backgrounds which have influenced the staging of plays.


For more information:

To learn more about the Theatre Arts course at Irvine Valley College, please see the Irvine Valley College Catalog​.



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