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Art History:


As an academic discipline, art history is the study of art and architecture. Concerned with the whole of human history, art history examines creative works as aesthetic products of human ideas, feelings and conditions within a context strong.

Professional Skills

Many careers do not necessarily demand a specific major, but require a variety of demonstrated skills and accomplishments. The study of art history develops many of these critical, analytical, and communicative skills, and can be a solid preparation for a variety of other professional fields. In addition, it is important to note that, today, art history may provide a unique advantage for entry into the fields of law, medicine, science, or business, as many employers welcome professionals with broad intellectual backgrounds and interests. These developed skills range from historical knowledge of past cultures, to the formal and theoretical analysis of aesthetic works; and, therefore, provide the student of art history the opportunity to examine the quality, motivation, and meaning of images and objects from the past.

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Source: University of Texas at Austin, Fine Arts Career Center; Rutgers University, Careers Services

Art History Degrees and Certificates

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Professional Certification:

Usually granted to recognize acquired knowledge and skills in museums, galleries, or archives management, and/or technology. See Department offerings in Applied Museum Studies certifications.

Art History Career Alternatives

The knowledge and skills gained through the study of art history serve as a foundation for a wide range of occupations and career choices. Today, the employment outlook for most graduates is competitive, but the following art history career alternatives reflect the professional possibilities for students at a variety of educational levels. With preparation, arts-related entry level positions can be found in education, museums, non-profit and government agencies, and business.

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Possible Employers

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Art History Career Online Resources 


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