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Art History:

Associate of Arts Degree in Art History

The Associate of Arts Degree in Art History recognizes the completion of all lower division courses required for the Bachelors Degree in Art History at most accredited universities. Additionally, it allows the student to further his or her educational interests in specialized fields within Art History, Art Theory, or Museology.

The Associate of Arts Degree in Art History provides the student with the foundational knowledge and critical skills necessary to the study of art history. In addition, he or she is introduced to the theoretical methodologies applied in the recognition and analysis of an aesthetic image or object. The curriculum focus is twofold: first, to expose the student to a variety of works (art and architecture) from various world cultures; and secondly, to engage the student in a critical discussion that addresses the work's distinct formation inside a unique cultural context. Associate degree graduates with this preparation will excel in the university environment and/or apply their acquired knowledge to personal advancement, education, or multiple art-related career opportunities.

The development and state approval of the Degree Program in Art History at IVC have resulted in numerous courses that address art and culture, the expansion of the survey sequence to include a third non-western survey, and introductory courses in art media and theory.


TRACK ONE: Western, Premodern - Early Modern

Year One = Fall: Art 4, Art 104 / Spring: Art 24, Art 25

Year Two = Fall: Art 26, Art 31 / Spring: Art 27, Art 30

TRACK TWO: Western, Late Modern - Postmodern

Year One = Fall: Art 4, Art 104 / Spring: Art 25, Art 133

Year Two = Fall: Art 26, Art 29 / Spring: Art 27, Art 28

TRACK THREE: Non-Western, Premodern - Postmodern

Year One = Fall: Art 4, Art 104 / Spring: Art 22, Art 25

Year Two = Fall: Art 23, Art 26 / Spring: Art 27, Art 24 or28

All students should review their academic plans with the IVC Counseling Center


Required Core Courses: Students must successfully complete all 15 units of the following core course offeringsSlide1.jpg

Restricted Electives:
Students must choose 9 units from the following course offerings
Electives updated 3-1-15.jpg


Business Sciences & Technology Innovation Center
BST 203B, 2nd Floor

Joseph Poshek
Dean, School of the Arts
T: 949-451-5650

Carol Danna
 Sr. Admin. Assistant, School of the Arts
T: 949-451-5453
F: 949-451-5775

Julie Kirk
Academic Chair (Art), School of the Arts
T: 949-451-5285

Lisa Davis Allen, PhD
Art History Professor
Art History Program Supervisor

T: 949-451-5207

Amy Grimm
Art History Professor
Museum Studies Professor

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