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Accounting Department

Accounting Department

Accounting has been described as “the language of business.” It serves as the backbone for careers in finance and tax. The historical perception of the field of accounting has changed dramatically. Today, the study of accounting encompasses not only the understanding of the sources of business income and expenses, but has broadened to provide you with the tools to effectively engage and contribute in big data analysis, mergers, acquisitions, valuation, risk minimization strategies, compensation strategies and more.

Guaranteed Accounting Program 4+1 (GAP4+1)

GAP4+1 is a fast-track pathway program for high school students wishing to have a career in the field of accounting. All classes are taken together as a group and class seats are guaranteed. This program is your ticket to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in four years with the option of one extra year to earn a master’s degree in accounting from California State University, Fullerton (CSUF).

GAP4+1 Program Benefits & Requirements

  • Complete all undergraduate requirements during the first two years at Irvine Valley College (must maintain a “B” average, earn at least a "B" or better in each accounting class, participate in the GAP4+1 events, and join the IVC Accounting Society).
  • Transfer to CSUF Irvine Campus for the final two years, earning a Bachelor of Arts in business administration with a concentration in accounting.
  • Earn the opportunity to enter the Master of Science in Accountancy program at CSUF. If you maintain a "B" average (3.2 GPA) at CSUF, the requirement for the GMAT will be waived.
  • Build relationships with accounting professionals, which could provide opportunities for mentoring, job shadowing, internships and future employment.

Apply Today for Cohorts 2017 and 2018:

Applications are available for Cohort 2017 (students graduating high school in Spring 2017) and Cohort 2018 (students graduating high school in Spring 2018). Space is limited.

Cohort 2017 Applications:

Applications are considered on a rolling basis. All required documents and assessments for consideration for our next review are due by Friday, March 31, 2017. If you are accepted, this guarantees a saved seat. If you are provisionally accepted, you are given the opportunity to reassess at a later date to remove the provisional condition(s). 

The steps to submit your application are: 

  1. Apply to IVC and get a student ID number (it’s free).
  2. Take your IVC Math and English Assessments. In order to be in this program, and have your space guaranteed, you must possess a certain level of Math and English skills. Assessment results will help us determine your skill level and how we may help you improve. Contact the GAP4+1 counselor Rebecca Groff in the IVC Counseling Center with questions about assessments. When calling the Counseling Center, be sure to ask for a GAP4+1 counselor.
  3. Fill out the application below: 
    1. Complete the fields of the application
    2. Save your completed form as a .PDF file 
  4. Submit a letter of recommendation from your high school instructor or high school counselor in order to be considered by the GAP4+1 Acceptance Committee.
  5. Attach your unofficial high school transcripts as a PDF. The unofficial transcript does not need signatures or a seal. Here is an example.
  6. Submit a personal statement per direction on the program application.
  7. Email the PDF application, letter of recommendation, unofficial high school transcripts and personal statement to the GAP4+1 program coordinator. Once you have submitted documents, you will receive an acknowledgement from us within five (5) business days.  If you do not receive the acknowledgement, please resubmit.
  8. The Fall 2017 cohort will be notified of acceptance or place​ment on the waiting list by April 6, 2017.

If you have any questions regarding the field of Accounting or our accounting curriculum, please email the Program Director April Morris with your questions.

GAP4 1 Application.PDFApplicationgap_flyer_FINAL_updated.pdfProgram Flyer | FAQs​ | Application Guide​

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​Gainful Employment Disclosures

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