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Frequently Asked Questions

If I qualify for a scholarship at CSUF, can that scholarship be used when I matriculate from IVC into the GAP4+1 program?

Yes, if your scholarship is the type where you have received the money, you can spend it as needed. If it is a tuition remission scholarship, it would apply only to the school where you received the scholarship.

I would like to concentrate on international accounting/issues once I get into the master’s program. Can that be done?

Yes, you can choose classes that involve international topics.

What is the expected cost at CSUF, including books and tuition, per year?

Currently tuition and associated fees are about $6,800 a year at CSUF. The cost of books varies depending on the course and where you buy them. A good estimate would be $85 to $250 each for accounting textbooks. There are good deals on Amazon and another option is to buy used textbooks.

What is the expected cost at IVC, including tuition and books, per year?

Currently tuition and associated fees are about $1,400 a year at IVC. The cost of accounting books used at IVC varies depending on the course and where you buy them, but can range from $100 to $150 each. There are good deals on Amazon and another option is to buy used textbooks.

If I wanted to take one of the classes on the Fullerton campus, can I?

When you attend CSUF, during your junior year, your guaranteed classes will be on the Irvine Campus. During your senior year, expect your classes to be both at the Irvine Campus and the Fullerton Campus. Most, if not all, of the Master’s classes will be on the Fullerton Campus.

Are there any opportunities for international studies ‐ either through established internship programs or sister universities?

Yes. We have established relationships with schools in Europe and other countries. We have a program with a university in Germany that includes an internship in a Big 4 in Stuttgart.

I would like to participate in sports. Is that possible or is this program too rigid to allow time for sports?

This program is a rigorous and fast‐paced program. While we appreciate the involvement in sports activities, there may be times when sports involvement conflicts with the requirements in this program. If you wish to participate in sports at IVC, we will make every effort to help you but there are no guarantees.

How many classes are not prescribed that I can select?

All of the classes at IVC are prescribed. There may be one or two elective classes that you might request be changed for you, but the space in any class outside of the prescribed classes cannot be guaranteed for you.

Does IVC have a scholarship program that I can apply for?

Yes, IVC has scholarships available. Visit the Financial Aid Office for more information.

I have an overseas degree that is similar to a bachelor's or master's degree in the U.S.; can I apply to the GAP4+1 Program?

Cal State Fullerton states it cannot waive its exceptions to allow a student to apply for a second bachelor's degree.

Please contact CSUF Admissions directly and ask if the university would honor your overseas degree. You can ask for an evaluation to see what you would need for graduate admissions.

Also, if you have any lower-division prerequisites to meet, you may want to take the requirements at Irvine Valley College. For example, if you've not yet taken a transferable English composition course, it's recommended to complete the IVC WR1 College Writing class with a C or better grade.

I am enrolled at another college in the US or have completed my bachelor's degree in the US already. Is the GAP4+1 Program a fit for me?

The GAP4+1 Program is designed for first-time college students enrolling into IVC. Transfer students from another college or university in the U.S. aren't admitted into GAP4+1. CSUF doesn't allow students who earn a bachelor's degree with U.S. regional accreditation to apply for a second bachelor's degree program so the students would not be admitted into the GAP4+1 Program. ​

What is Accounting Society?

The CSUF Accounting Society offers multiple opportunities to interact and network with members as well as professionals in the business world, both in the private and public sector. Members will meet representatives from Big 4 companies as well as local firms. The core values of the club’s foundation are: 1) integrity of business, 2) the pursuit of knowledge and 3) professionalism. The club also has many social activities just for the fun of it.


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GAP4+1 Program Director

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