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Honors Program:

Honors Program Counseling

Honors Counseling is an integral part of being an Honors Program member, and is available to help you set goals and prepare for a smooth transition to a four-year institution. Meeting with an Honors Counselor is recommended at least once per semester. Here is just some of what you can expect when seeking Honors Counseling:

  • Learn about how to join the program and how to qualify
  • Get acquainted with the transfer benefits associated with the program
  • Create an online academic plan that includes courses needed for each major and university you want to apply to
  • Get support with personal, career, and academic issues such as questions about withdrawing from a class, choosing and/or changing majors, time management, coping with stress, and more
  • Determine what credit you've already earned (Advanced Placement, High School language, prior college coursework, etc.)
  • Get advice on what extracurricular activities can help you be more competitive for admission and scholarships
  • Learn about the application process for UC, CSU, private, and out-of-state universities and get feedback on application essays

Honors Counseling is available as 1/2-hour scheduled appointments and 10-minute drop-in sessions without an appointment. Please contact the Counseling Office for availability at 949.451.5251, or stop by Room SSC 210.

Counselor Office: 949-451-5251

Michelle Minkler | Counselor, Honors Program

Robert Waldren | Counselor, Honors Program

Marcella Hernandez | Counselor, Honors Program