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Honors Program:

Honors Curriculum (Faculty Only)

Characteristics of an IVC Honors Course

Honors courses at Irvine Valley College are designed to provide students with academic experiences and requirements not normally available in a conventional course. What typically distinguishes an Honors course from a non-honors course is not the quantity of work required but the attainment of a higher level of quality and sophistication that comes about from more intense student involvement in class discussions, a wider exposure to the critical literature, and more sophisticated analyses of a given topic. The UC system requires that Honors course outlines show evidence of “increased content and/or rigor. "In most cases, the Honors course will reproduce the course outline of the regular version of the course but will show evidence of this enhanced content and/or rigor and innovative pedagogy. To find out more about constructing an Honors course, please see the Building your Honors Curriculum handout.

Building Your Honors Curriculum

The document below contains two parts that will provide guidance to faculty creating new Honors courses or course outlines for existing Honors courses. The first section discusses ways to enrich courses to make them meet the Honors criteria of “increased rigor and/or content”; the second portion provides suggestions for language to be used in constructing the course outline in CurricUNET.

Building Your Honors Curriculum