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Honors Program:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the Honors Program office?

A: The Honors Program office is located in the Liberal Arts building, Room 107A. It includes the offices of the program director (LA 107B) and administrative assistant (LA 107A) and a student lounge (LA 107) with an Internet-connected study area and kitchen.

When are Honors Program applications due?

A: There is no deadline to apply to the Honors Program. The program accepts applications year-round. Deadlines do apply for priority registration privileges.

In order to receive priority registration, applicants must submit the application with all requirements by the following dates:

  • For spring priority registration: September 1
  • For summer priority registration: March 1
  • For fall priority registration: the mid-April deadline set by theĀ Freshman Advantage program

Can I enroll in an honors course without being a member of the Honors Program?

A: Yes. All students are welcome to enroll in honors courses.

If I complete an honors course, will there be any indication on my transcript?

A: Yes. Honors course designations are indicated on the transcript. In addition, students who complete the program requirements receive a special transcript annotation as well as recognition at Commencement and an Honors medallion.

Can I count a previously completed honors course taken prior to my Honors Program membership toward the 15 letter-graded units I need to complete the program?

A: Yes. Those courses will be applied retroactively to your honors record and count towards program completion.

Is there a special counselor to help me with academic planning?

A: Yes. Michelle Minkler, Robert Waldren, and Marcella Hernandez are the Honors Program counselors on campus who advise honors students on their specific program needs. Please contact the Counseling Center at 949-451-5319 to schedule an appointment with one of the counselors.