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Honors Program:

What is Honors Scholars Council?

Mission Statement

Its purpose is to promote academic excellence by providing workshops that prepare students to transfer; encourage students to participate in community activities that benefit the college and community; and prepare students to present their research at state, regional, and national conferences.

The Honors Scholars also seeks to reflect the ideals and standards of the Honors Program. Our mission is to become the active link between the program and its students, to create a strong sense of community, to foster scholarship and academic excellence, and pursue higher education.

Our long-term goals are to produce and provide news for the whole college community by informing students of various scholarships, research conferences, volunteer and leadership opportunities, and to encourage students to become actively engaged in campus life.

Benefits of joining HSC:

  • Leadership Opportunities 
  •  Scholarship & Undergraduate Research Opportunities
  • Community Service / Volunteer Opportunities
  • Collaboration with different people & other colleges
  • Official Certificate