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Humanities Overview


The humanities major allows students generally interested in literature, history, philosophy, film studies, and art history and criticism to elect a general rather than specific emphasis to their degree. The major offers much diversity in terms of choices, and thus provides the opportunity for students to tailor the degree to meet their own interests and concerns. Humanities majors learn in particular how to read and write critically and how to synthesize complex ideas from a variety of sources, often diverse in kind and in time.

The major is appropriate for students interested in a “general studies” degree at the lower-division level; its focus on the close study and criticism of culture makes the major applicable for students seeking careers in law, education, government, public affairs, journalism, and writing. The humanities major is also an excellent choice for students whose educational intentions are uncertain or undecided, or for students intending to pursue an upper-division education in literature, history, philosophy, or study of the arts.

Students majoring in the humanities should complete both Writing 1 and Writing 2 in fulfillment of the language and rationality requirements within the general education package. The department recommends that humanities majors do not select a humanities course to meet the humanities requirement for general education, but explore related subjects in the humanities that may be of interest to them.


Brooke Bui, PhD
Dean, Humanities
O: LA 209

Toni Fuentes
Sr. Admin. Assistant, Humanities
T: 949-451-5232
O: LA 207