Design Model Making and Rapid Prototyping at IDEA

The growth of digital technology has opened up many new areas of development in the representation and construction of models, digital simulation and rapid prototyping. The new certificates in industrial, commercial and transportation design are intended to prepare students with the skills necessary to design products and build models using both traditional and emerging  technologies. Students will gain a unique insight into both the physical and digital disciplines of model making and design, cultivating technical and arts skills based on critical thinking.

Model Making and Transportation Design

This certificate program will engage students in the methods and techniques used to explore, record and communicate the visual information in design. Career options include transportation design model making and digital design simulation and prototyping.

Industrial and Commercial Design

Industrial and commercial design is a valued part of many industries, including architecture, product and packaging, media and entertainment. The core courses in this program study the elements of creative thinking and interpretation used in the design process, including the techniques and methods used to construct prototypes and models. In advanced courses, students will explore a number of options in digital, architectural and media simulation modeling and rapid prototyping. Career options include simulation modeling and model making in architectural design and entertainment, and industrial and commercial design modeling and rapid prototyping.


IVC Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement - Design Model Making & Rapid Prototyping