Electrical Technology Department

The electrician trainee certificate program equips students for entry into the electrical industry in areas such as residential wiring, commercial wiring, facility maintenance, and troubleshooting electrical circuits and equipment. The solar trainee program is designed to both prepare students new to the industry and upgrade skills of those already employed in the electrical and solar photovoltaic industry.

The electrical and solar technology certificate programs provide a solid foundation for immediate employment or further study in either of these fields. After obtaining a certificate in either program, a student may seek employment as an electrical trainee, or solar installer; who designs, tests and services, residential wiring, commercial wiring, photovoltaic systems, facility maintenance, and installation of electrical equipment. The solar photovoltaic systems technician certificate of proficiency is designed to provide the knowledge and skills required to work as an entry-level technician for a photovoltaic (PV) dealer, installer, or contractor. The student is introduced to residential wiring, system design, installation methods, safety and OSHA requirements, and maintenance practices through coursework and fieldwork applications. This certificate is recommended for individuals who intend to work in the solar PV industry.

Completion of the electrician and solar trainee certificates gives the student an even broader opportunity for personal, academic, and career growth. Students may also transfer into the California State University system and complete a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or alternative energy.