electronic technology classroomElectronic Technology at IDEA

A degree or certificate in Electronic Technology is your ticket to the high-tech world of modern electronics where you'll work in a hands-on environment with high tech devices and products like

  • Computers and peripherals
  • Communication devices--radios, televisions, cellular phones, and modems
  • Medical equipment
  • Entertainment products--CD, stereo, and video games
  • Automotive equipment--computerized engine controls, test equipment, and car stereos
  • Industrial equipment--monitors, controllers, robotics

Through laboratory and classroom instruction at Irvine Valley College, you will learn how to troubleshoot, repair, design, and manufacture today's electronic equipment as an electronic technician or engineering technologist. If you enjoy applying classroom learning to solving practical problems in a hands-on environment, you should consider a career in Electronic Technology. 


IVC Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement - Electronic Technology