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School of Kinesiology, Health and Athletics at IVC

The School of Kinesiology, Health and Athletics (KHA) offers programs and courses for every student at IVC. For those seeking transfer and career opportunities, KHA provides instruction for students wishing to prepare for professional careers in Teaching (physical education in the K-12 and Adapted areas) and related disciplines in Athletic Training, Coaching, Exercise Science, Fitness, Health Sciences and Sport Psychology.

Kinesiology is an integrative discipline that focuses on the various components and processes of human movement related to physical activity and sport, incorporating the areas of human anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, biochemistry, biomechanics, psychology, history and sociology.
-Courtesy of CSU Long Beach Dept. of Kinesiology

The School also serves the needs of students completing majors in other fields who find that the content learned in this area has broad application to their educational, professional and personal lives. The intra-disciplinary focus of the School's curriculum fosters the development of diverse values and skills important to a liberal arts education: critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, verbal and written communication, and technological competency. The Department also strives to provide for those students seeking a holistic collegiate experience that includes Lifelong Learning, health and well-being, and on-campus activities.

The IVC School of Kinesiology, Health and Athletics offers courses in Athletics, Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Sports, and professional Training and Theory in the following degrees and certificates:

  • Associate in Arts-Transfer in Kinesiology for the Cal State-bound Kinesiology major
  • Certificate for the Fitness Professional for those seeking immediate job opportunities in the fields of personal training, fitness and others.

The School serves many of the critical visions, missions and goals of the College and the California Community Colleges including units applicable towards the General Education requirements for degrees and transfer, Lifelong Learning, student success, and community service.​


Keith Shackleford, JD
Dean, Kinesiology, Health & Athletics
Athletics Director

Corine Reymond
Sr. Admin. Assistant, Kinesiology, Health & Athletics

T: 949-451-5398 
O: PE 225