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Language Center:

Checking In/Out Process

To ensure your hours are tracked for attendance purposes, and to get access into the LAC, you will check in and out of each session.

To do this:

  • 1) Log into the LAC terminal near the entrance when you first arrive
  • 2) Sign in with your student ID Card
  • 3) Click on your language of instruction (or if you are taking more than one language course, on the language you will work on during this session).
  • 4) Log out as you leave in the same way you logged in.


  • 1)You are welcome to spend as much time as you like in the LAC during regular hours of operation.
  • 2) If you forget to log out, you will lose your hours.
  • 3) An IVC student ID card is required to log in and log out.


T: 949-451-5580
B300 Building , Room B 354



Mon:​   8 am - 6:20 pm ​
​Tue: ​  9:30 am - 7:50 pm ​
​Wed: ​  9:30 am - 7:50 pm
​Thu:   8 am - 6:20 pm ​
​Fri: ​  8 am - 1:50 pm