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Biological Sciences:

Biological Sciences Department 

The Biological Sciences include specialized courses examining extensions of our base courses as they relate to a variety of specific areas of study, including:

  • botany
  • zoology
  • human anatomy
  • physiology
  • human sexuality
  • cellular biology
  • microbiology
  • natural history
  • marine biology
  • applied ecology

Students may complete courses within the School of Life Sciences & Technologies in order ...

  • to fulfill general education requirements for the AA degree
  • to satisfy prerequisites for health-related programs such as nursing
  • to meet graduation requirements at prospective transfer institutions
  • to complete the Associate of Arts degree with a major in one of these areas:
    • biology
    • applied ecology / biology
    • health science

For additional information on our A.A. degree program, or for information on transferring to other schools, please visit the IVC home page. Specific information for Pre-Nursing students and for prospective UCI Bio majors, including a recommended pattern of classes to fulfill requirements, can be found in the printed Schedule of Classes or at the links provided here.


Lianna Zhao, MD
Dean, Life Sciences & Technologies
T: 949-451-5238 
O: LSB 202