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Chinese Prerequisites



Chinese 1 

No prerequisite

Chinese 2

Chinese I or 2 year of high school Chinese

Chinese 3

Chinese 2 or 4 years of high school Chinese

Chinese 180 Lab

No prerequisite,  but must take with one Chinese course

Students who have taken Chinese courses previously often ask what level of class they should be in. Please visit the Chinese Link textbook website,, go over the vocabulary flash card and activities by lessons to find out your vocabulary levels.

  • Elementary Chinese Level
  • Chinese 1 - Lesson 1-8 (250-300 vocabularies and phrases level)
  • Chinese 2 -Lesson 9 -15  (500-600 vocabularies and phrases level)
  • Intermediate Chinese Level - Chinese Link Level 2
  • Chinese 3- Lesson 16 - 22 (800 vocabularies and phrases level)

If you feel that your knowledge of Chinese will allow you to succeed in a higher-level course, and want to waive Chinese 1 or 2, please see Challenging a Course.


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