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The English as a Second Language (ESL) Department offers English language classes to nonnative speakers of English to help them succeed in college, at their jobs, and in the community. Students can take classes at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels during the day or at night. We offer multi-skill core classes which include all parts of learning English together (reading, writing, grammar, speaking, and listening) and skill classes that focus on an individual skill in English (conversation, pronunciation, writing, reading, grammar, vocabulary, and idioms). Students can take ESL core classes, ESL skill classes, and other college courses at the same time, or they can choose just one specific ESL class to fit their own busy schedule.

Students from all ages, cultures, and educational backgrounds enroll in our classes in order to improve their English to accomplish their own unique English goal. Some of our students take ESL classes to improve their English to succeed in other college courses, some take classes to find or keep a job, and some take classes to improve their communication with their family, neighbors, co-workers, and community. The ESL department is here to help students in all of their needs.

Our professional instructors are all highly qualified, experienced ESL teachers. All have Master's degrees in the field of ESL or a related field, and some even have their Ph.Ds. Some have published ESL books, some are teacher-trainers, and others continue to present at conferences. Most importantly, our ESL instructors care about their students and have the passion, and credentials, to help students succeed.

Our ESL department welcomes you to our program. See what our students are saying about ESL!


Rebecca Beck
Instructor, English as a Second Language
O: LA 218

Jeff Wilson
Instructor, English as a Second Language
O: LA 218

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