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English as a Second Language

Counseling Center

ESL Counseling Student Success Testimonial

Counselors are available to assist ESL students with any questions about the college and classes. As an ESL student, often times you are not only new to the college, but also to the country. The counselors at IVC want to assist you.  The Counseling Center provides help with the following: selecting courses, deciding on a major, providing career guidance and advisement, answering questions about the IVC assessment test, and building up your resources and networking (making connections with other people) while at IVC.

Sylvia Sanchez

Counselor, Sylvia Sanchez

At the AESL Center, room B382, we also have an ESL Counselor, Sylvia Sanchez, to help you.  Visit the center to see here, or email her to make an appointment.

In addition, the counselors at IVC provide a Study Skills class (Counseling 10) specifically for ESL students to help assist with development of study skills for English language learners. For more information on any of these services or to speak with a counselor, go to the Counseling Center (located upstairs in the Student Services Center) or visit the Counseling Center homepage:


Brooke Bui, PhD
Dean, Languages & Learning Resources

O: LA 209

Erika Arendts
Sr. Admin. Assistant, Languages & Learning Resources

O: LA 207