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ESL at the Language Acquisition Center

LAC If you need additional English practice, enroll in ESL 389, which is IVC's 0.5 unit language lab. Specific computer software programs are available for you to practice reading, speaking, listening, pronunciation, writing, and grammar. Also, during some specific hours, we have ESL instructors ready to help you individually or in groups. You can attend the lab at any time it is open, and for specific help from an ESL instructor, attend when ESL faculty will be there. To get more information about the lab, including the ESL lab schedule, click here for the language acquisition center website, go the lab in room B353, or ask one of your ESL instructors.

Click on this link to view the fall 2012 ESL lab instructor hours:

It is a great way to make new friends and have fun while learning. I like to practice using English by talking with other students who are native speakers.

- Miki

To enroll in the 389 lab class, you also must enroll in one of the following ESL classes and  must complete 24 hours in the lab to pass.:

  • 340
  • 341
  • 360
  • 361
  • 363
  • 380
  • 383
  • 388
  • 81
As an ESL student, I have benefited from Learning Acquisition Center (LAC) a lot. In my experience, LAC is a perfect place for learning English, because it is really quiet and peaceful. This peaceful atmosphere helps students focus better. It has a lot of computers which facilitate learning processes. For example, students can take advantage of using ESL software to enhance their English comprehension. Furthermore, professional faculties and instructors are accessible at LAC for ESL learners. So students are able to ask their questions from them individually