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Spanish Department Faculty Profiles

Andrade | Egasse | Ellis | Giráldez-Betrón | Horton | Julián | Kalscheur-Suárez | Tamariz | Tseng

Magdalena Andrade


  • PhD Spanish American Literature and Critical Thinking - UCI
  • B.A. Spanish and French - San Diego University
  • B.A. English - San Diego University

Prof. Andrade has taught elementary and intermediate Spanish at San Diego State and the University of California, Irvine, where she also taught Spanish for Heritage Speakers and Humanities core courses. She also taught in the Calexico Unified School District Bilingual Program for several years. Upon receiving her Ph.D. she continued to teach there for several years and also at California State University, Long Beach. Professor Andrade is co-author of two university level Spanish texts: Dos mundos and Tu mundo as well as two short readers: Cocina y comidas hispanas and Mundos de fantasía, fábulas, cuentos de hadas y leyendas and is developing two other language books.

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J. Egasse

Jeanne Egasse


  • M.A. and B.A. Spanish Linguistics - UCI
  • California Standard Secondary Teaching Credential in Spanish and French
  • Specialist Credential in Bilingual Cross-cultural Education in Spanish 

Prof. Egasse was born and raised in Southern California and spent much of her childhood interacting with Spanish-speaking friends and neighbors. After graduating from UCI, she spent four years as a teacher-trainer for K-12 teachers in both Bilingual Education and Foreign Languages before coming to Irvine Valley College. Professor Egasse has also taught French and Spanish at the secondary level and Spanish and Linguistics at the university level. Professor Egasse's academic areas of interest include sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, dialectology and language acquisition. She enjoys teaching Spanish at the Community College level because of the variety of students and the chance to participate in the language acquisition process with students. She is the co-author of two university level Spanish texts: Dos mundos and Tu mundo as well as two short readers: Cocina y comidas hispanas and Mundos de fantasía, fábulas, cuentos de hadas y leyendas.  She has traveled in Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica and is very interested in the folklore, folk music and art of Latin America as well as native plants of the Americas. In her free time, Prof. Egasse enjoys gardening, yoga, swimming, reading and theater. She is head over hills in love with dogs!

Contact Professor Egasse or call 949-451-5338

E. Ellis

Emily Ellis


  • M.A. Languages and Literature (Spanish)- Colorado State University
  • M.A. English (TESL/TEFL)- Colorado State University
  • B.A. Spanish and Creative Writing – University of Denver

Emily has always had an affinity for language. What started as a childhood interest in creative writing spawned a curiosity for diverse forms of communication that eventually led Ms. Ellis to pursue a career in language teaching. After studying abroad in Spain, she was determined to learn more about the connection between language and identity and the linguistic variation within the Spanish language. Throughout graduate school, she engaged in studies of Spanish linguistics, applied linguistics, foreign language teaching methodology, and Spanish and Latin American literature. In 2008-2009, Emily was awarded a Fulbright grant to teach at a bilingual high school in Coslada, Spain. She later returned to Barcelona in 2011 as a coordinator of a summer study abroad program for high school students. Most recently, she attended the 2014-2015 Fulbright grantees’ orientation in Madrid as a presenter for incoming teaching assistants. She has taught both Spanish and English at Colorado State University and the University of Denver. She also currently teaches ESL and TEFL at UCI Extension. Emily considers herself privileged to share her passion for languages with her students. .

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Professor Rocio Giraldez-Betron

Rocio Giráldez-Betron


  • Ph.D. Literature - UCSD
  • M.A. English Literature - UCSD
  • M.A and B.A. Philology - Universidad Autónoma  de Madrid
  • Online Teaching Certification – Miracosta College

Prof. Giráldez is from Madrid where she studied a B.A and M.A in Philology at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She came to California to pursue her graduate studies in Literature at UCSD where she taught for 12 years all levels of Spanish lower-division Language and Literature courses at the Literature Department and the Linguistics Language Program. She has also taught Spanish at University of San Diego and various community colleges in San Diego. Professor Giráldez has also taught at the Summer Intensive Program at the UCSD Linguistics Language Program, Miracosta College and Irvine Valley College. She also enjoys substituting at the Lower, Middle and Upper school at La Jolla Country Day School in San Diego.

In 2012, Professor Giráldez completed a one year-long online teaching certification with a focus on pedagogy and technology of online teaching. At United States University, Professor Giráldez taught online and on-campus upper-division Hispanic literature and teaching methodology courses. She has also taught Spanish writing for heritage speakers at California State University San Marcos.

As part of her volunteering interests Professor Giráldez has served as Medical Spanish instructor and translator, has organized Spanish-Persian dance classes in San Diego, performed as a dancer of Kathak Lucknow, and served for 2 years as a Board Member of the Persian Cultural Center. Professor Giráldez´s interest on Transatlantic cultural production of migration and mobility is linked to her teaching and it incorporates the bicultural experience that stems from the proximity to the Mexican border. She appreciates the quality of people at Irvine Valley College and enjoys teaching again with Tu mundo and the Natural Approach.

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Professor Ana Luisa Horton

Ana Luisa Horton


  • M.A. - Spanish - UCI
  • B.A. - Spanish and French - UCI

Prof. Horton's interest in the Spanish language and literature began at an early age growing up in the South of Portugal, within proximity to, and in constant contact with the Spanish culture. She has lived in Southern California since 1976 and have returned several times to travel extensively throughout Western Europe, particularly Spain and Portugal. Prof. Horton's academic and personal experiences permeate her teaching style, and she enjoys bringing Spanish literature, history and culture into the classroom. Over the last several years, she has taught first, second, and third year Spanish at various colleges in Southern California. While at UCI, she received the "Outstanding Teaching Award" from the Spanish and Portuguese Department. She has been responsible for building a comfortable, creative, and productive atmosphere in which her students can improve their comprehension and communication skills. Prof. Horton's personal interests include: traveling abroad, reading good literature, most kinds of music, especially jazz, classical, and Latin American, fine cuisine from all over the world, theater, and cinema. For physical activity she enjoys dancing, going for long walks and riding her bike.

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Professor Mercedes Julian

Mercedes Julian


  • Ph.D studies (ABD) - UCI
  • M.A. Spanish - San Diego State University
  • B.S. Math and B.A. Spanish - University of Georgia

Prof. Julian was born in Cuba, raised in Puerto Rico, spent her adolescence in Atlanta, Georgia, and became an adult in California. She has taught Spanish at San Diego State University and UC Irvine prior to coming to Irvine Valley College in January 1984. She enjoys traveling abroad, walking, playing tennis, reading (fiction and non-fiction, in Spanish and English), watching foreign films, and spending time with her friends and family. The variety of students and quality of people at IVC is the main reason why she continues to thoroughly enjoy her assignment after almost 30 years.

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Ann Kalscheur-Suárez

Professor Kalcheur-Suarez


  • PhD Spanish - UCI
  • M.A. Spanish - University of New Mexico
  • B.A. Spanish and Anthropology- University of Wisconsin, Madison

Professor Kalscheur-Suárez has had an interest in traveling and learning about other cultures from a young age. This led her to study abroad in Spain and to spend time living and traveling in Latin America, including Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, and Bolivia, before pursuing graduate studies in Spanish and Latin American Literature in New Mexico and Southern California. In the last 13 years, Professor Kalscheur-Suárez has enjoyed teaching all levels of Spanish language, as well as Latin American and Peninsular Literature courses, and she has taught at institutions such as Irvine Valley College, San Diego Mesa College, Soka University of America, UCI, and California State University, San Marcos. Professor Kalscheur Suárez looks forward to each new semester as an opportunity to build community within her classroom and help her students succeed in their study of the Spanish language and cultural productions of Spanish-speaking populations around the world.

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Santiago Tamariz

Professor Tamariz


  • M.A and B.A Spanish Linguistics at Cal State Fullerton
  • Online Teaching Certified at @ONE

Prof. Tamariz was born and raised in Lima, Perú. He moved to the United States in 2004 and started his fervor for the Spanish language while getting his A.A at Saddleback College, where he worked as a Spanish tutor for 4 semesters while getting his M.A. He considers himself an enthusiastic and professional Spanish instructor; he is passionate about his culture and his country. It is a wonderful experience for him to teach his language to different people. He enjoys engaging and motivating pupils to learn a foreign language by helping them to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of a different language and culture. Teaching Spanish is much more than just a job. Whether you call it a vocation, a calling or a passion, teaching Spanish requires a unique skill set that goes way beyond effective lesson planning (although, of course, that’s essential, too!). Prof. Tamariz loves learning from students as well as colleagues.

Prof. Tamariz is also a singer. He leads a live salsa band and performs once in a while at private and public venues in OC.

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B. Tseng

Beatrice Tseng


  • M.A. Spanish Literature - UCLA
  • B.A. Spanish and Portuguese - UCLA
  • Graduate Certificate: E-Learning and Online Teaching - University of Wisconsin @ Stout

Prof. Tseng was born in Taiwan but lived in Brazil and Colombia until age ten and spent the next eight years in Panama, where she attended Junior and Senior High at an American school in the former Panama Canal Zone.  She came to California in 1984 when she began her studies at UCLA. During her junior year, she studied in Madrid and has traveled extensively in Europe. Professor Tseng has been teaching Spanish at Irvine Valley College since 1991. In 2003, she was selected IVC's 2004 Teacher of the Year and was awarded a "Model Online Course" grant by the California Virtual Campus for the exemplary design of her Spanish 4 Online course. In 2011, she was the recipient of the Most Inspirational Professor of the Year award presented by IVC's Psi Beta Chapter, the National Honor Society in Psychology.  

Prof. Tseng is the co-author of the "Instructors' Resource Kit" which accompanies the Spanish textbook Dos mundos and has presented numerous workshops on the "Natural Approach", Dos mundos, and the usage of technology in foreign language classes. In 2007-2008 Professor Tseng completed a series of graduate courses through the University of Wisconsin @ Stout and earned a certificate on E-Learning and Online Teaching.

In addition to teaching, Prof. Tseng enjoys traveling, gardening, spending time with her family and friends, volunteering at her children's school and in the community, and dining at ethnic restaurants. She breaks the stereotype of a "typical" Spanish instructor by bringing into her lectures her passion and knowledge of both of her heritages: the Hispanic and the Chinese.

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