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Certificate Description

Finish your five classes, and get a certificate of proficiency in Engineering from IVC. 

The program's core curriculum requires students to take mathematics and physics classes that are the foundation for all engineering projects. The certificate is composed of courses in:

  • Engineering design (ENGR 83) 
  • Engineering statics (ENGR 30) or Engineering dynamics (ENGR 80)
  • Material science (ENGR 54) 
  • Network analysis (ENGR 70) or Thermodynamics (ENGR 91)
  • C Programming (CS 36) or Programming with MATLAB (ENGR 20)

The Certificate of Proficiency in Pre-Engineering provides a path for an engineering career for students who are considering a career in technology, computers and other related fields. The courses offered cover a wide range of classes in the fields of electrical, civil, mechanical, aeronautical and aerospace engineering, and computer science fields.  ​​For more information contact Prof. Erbas-White( or Prof. Wolken (

IVC Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement - Civil Computer-Aided Design
IVC Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement - Mechanical Computer-Aided Design
IVC Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement - Pre-Engineering


Dr. Lianna Zhao, MD
School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering, Dean

T: 949-451-5450 

Life Sciences Building (B400)
Room LSB 202

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