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Basic Math Modules Orientation

 (MATH 350 A-H)

These videos can also be watched within YOUTUBE

This is probably one of the best decisions of your life. Modules are offered either 100% online or mediated requiring attending class at predefined times.  I will be available to help you out every step of the way via e-mail Professor Erbas-White and office hours on the schedule shown here:

To get credit for this class all you have to do is to score 70% or better in the final exam.


  • Watch the videos above
  • Take the Diagnostic Test to see if you need to take other modules the first day of class (if you already did that do not do it again)
  • Take the Entry Survey the first day of class so that I get to know about you.
  • Get a printout of your handouts so that you can pace yourself and get everything done on time.
  • Get a printout of your video handouts
  • Get a printout of your worksheets and keys of worksheets
  • Get a printout of your self tests (optional)
  • Put all your handouts, worksheets and tests in your binder.
  • Repeat the following steps for each topic:
    • a) Watch the video and take notes
    • b) Do the worksheet and self correct
    • c) Take the self test
  • Once you are done with all the sections and topics, take the final pre-test to see if you are ready to take the final exam. Then the final exam within deadline given to you.
  • Take the exit survey 


Lianna Zhao, MD
Dean, Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering
T: 949-451-5450 
O:  LSB 202

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