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IVC Guided Pathways

At Irvine Valley College, Guided Pathways are intended to help students graduate in two years with 60 degree-applicable units so that they can transfer to a four-year university or enter the workforce.

The Guided Pathways structure will help to guide students through their education. Guided Pathways provide a clear and structured path for students to make informed decisions about their program and course choices, as well as help them to complete the courses they need in a timely manner.


  • Improve college completion rates.
  • Improve transfer rates.
  • Aid in job attainment with value in the labor market.
  • Achieve equity in above outcomes.

Components of Guided Pathways:

  1. Create clear curricular pathways to employment and further education.
  2. Help students choose and enter their pathway.
  3. Help students stay on their path.
  4. Ensure that learning is taking place with intentional outcomes.


Traci Fahimi
Dean, Social & Behavioral Sciences
Academic Programs

T: 949-451-5204