2018-2019 Guided Pathways Accomplishments

  1. Four Design Teams were created at the Fall 2018 GP Summit with members from faculty, staff, administrators, and students.
    1. GP Data & Equity Design Team
      • Current Team Captain: Joshua Dorman 
      • Recruiting a variety of faculty/staff/administrators to the team to a current total of 14 members
      • Held a Flex week workshop where the team showcased current data and tools circa equity
      • The team has begun creating training materials for what we’re calling "Data Coaches." Data coaches are trained staff members who will be able to show others what data is available, and teach them how to best analyze and utilize the data to inform their practices.
      • We will be administering a classified senate Lunch & Learn session before the end of the semester.
    2. GP Communications & Marketing Design Team
      • Current Team Captains: Roopa Mathur and Diane Oaks 
      • This design team was created to help communicate the updates of Guided Pathways and to help build interest and increase involvement in GP at IVC. Accomplishments include:
        • GP Newsletter
          • Volume 1 – Fall 2018: IVC Guided Pathways Newsletter vol1-2018-11-27
          • Volume 2 – Spring 2019: IVC Guided Pathways Newsletter vol2-2019-04-23
        • Development of the VIC GP outward-facing website: http://academics.ivc.edu/pathways
        • Successful marketing of the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 Guided Pathways Summits.
    3. GP Student Experience Design Team 
      • Current Team Captains: Breanna Wybaczynsky and Rick Boone 
      • This design team has begun mapping the student experience from prospective student to completion.
      • In fall 2018, we established our charge and goals, planned future meetings, and continued recruiting members.
      • Our team consists of part-time and full-time students, counselors, instructional faculty, classified staff, deans, directors, research, campus police, district employees, and more.
      • At the start of fall 2018, we categorized key stages of the "map" and identified touch points of the current student experience (i.e., Outreach, Matriculation, Graduation, etc.).
      • Spring 2019, we narrowed in on specific touch points of the student experience and invited experts (i.e., students, staff, faculty, and administrators) from relevant areas across campus to contribute to our discussions and/or join our growing team.
      • We analyzed the processes and procedures (including strengths and pitfalls therein) of the following stages of the student experience:
      • Application, Studentization, Registration with Ruben Guzman (Registrar at Admissions and Records), Jim Gaston (IT Director), Gerlie Jeltema (Info Technology Director), Sandi Pope (Student Information System Support Manager), and the IT Student Design Team which is comprised of Juan Bautista, Sam Seifollahi, Bita Gheibi, and Kelsey Lillie
      • Financial Aid with Ken Lira (Assistant Dean, Financial Aid and Student Support Services)
      • Advisement with Robert Melendez (Counseling Department Chair) and Deejay Santiago (Director of Student Success and Support Programs)
      • 2019-2020 Goals — We will focus on mapping the student experience of Outreach, Marketing, Student Services, Campus Resources, the classroom experience, and more!
    4. GP Program Mapping & Interest Areas Design Team
      • Current Team Captains: Brent Monte and Roopa Mathur
      • IVC Program Roadmaps Status
      • Interest Areas – the Academic Senate was given a choice of whether to go with the IVC Schools as the Interest Areas or Student Choices as version 1.0 of the IVC Interest Areas.
  2. Roadmap Status- All 103 roadmaps v.1.0 have been verified (approved) by discipline faculty. 
  3. Guided Pathways Videos Created
  4. GP Spring 2019 Summit
    • Third bi-annual Guided Pathways Summit, hosted by the Academic Senate Guided Pathways Workgroup
    • Friday, May 3, 2019 from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, BSTIC 103
    • Summit attendees will receive an overview of the Guided Pathways goals 2019-20, hear from a student panel about their experiences at IVC, learn about what has been accomplished so far, hear about the future of Guided Pathways.