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What we have been up to?

Accomplishments for 2017-2018

  1. Created two workgroups:
    • Guided Pathways Oversight Workgroup (GPOWG), which consists of the GP Faculty Coordinators, the Academic Senate President, the Vice President for Instruction, Vice President of Student Services, and other constituents, included faculty, classified staff and students.
    • Academic Senate GP Workgroup –which consists of the GP Faculty Coordinators, other faculty, and students.
  2. IVC submitted a GP Work Plan to the CCC, which was required to get GP funds from the State Chancellor’s Office. IVC will receive approximately $966,000 over the next five years.
  3. GP Summit - Spring 2018: The summit included an informative student panel about the student experience, a presentation on the why and how of Guided Pathways, and started the discussion of GP roadmaps.
  4. Professional Development – The GP Faculty Coordinators, Traci Fahimi, and other faculty and staff attended several professional development workshops on Guided Pathways, including: Leading from the Middle; Getting Focused, Staying Focused; and several IEPI Guided Pathways workshops.
  5. Engaged students and staff in Guided Pathways by conducting student panels as part of the Spring 2018 GP Summit, inviting staff and students to participate in GP meetings, and presenting GP to both ASIVC and Classified Senate.
  6. Started drafting Major Program Road Maps and discussing Interest Areas.
  7. Received and will continue to receive funding for Guided Pathways, including CCC GP Work plan funding allocation, strong workforce development, vision for success, and other GP-related funds.
  8. Incorporating AB705 – English has implemented AB705 in Spring 2019, with Math working on implementation by Fall 2019. This will increase the throughput of students into college-level Math and English classes.
  9. The IVC GP Roadshows was presented at various meetings, including all IVC Schools, Classified Staff, Professional Development Week, ASIVC, among others; this helped to generate discussions and interest about GP.
  10. Laser Week (student orientation) and programs like Freshman Advantage are important to help students get on the path and stay on the path.