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2019-2020 Proposed Goals

  • Guided Pathways Roadmaps: Share with students the degree maps, as appropriate, created by faculty through the catalog’s outward facing website.  Begin to create an easy, all-in-one location to share with students where specific majors/degrees transfer, and how they may lead to different careers, differentiating between expectations with an AA and a BA. 

  • Interest Areas: Use the Interest Areas 1.0 model to clearly identify to students where programs are housed, and develop first year roadmaps for students that will help them take the courses they need within an interest area in their first year. We also want to develop first year roadmaps for students who are undecided within an interest area. The IVC Academic Senate has approved Interest Areas 1.0 to align with the current Schools at IVC such as Business Sciences and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

  • Scheduling and Gatekeeper Courses: Begin to look into the critical courses students need to complete degrees or transfer, how often they are offered, and if they are likely to be cancelled for low enrollment to determine appropriate scheduling. Identity methods of communication to let students know how often courses are offered in the roadmaps. Define and identify gatekeeper courses and the types of support services students may need to be successful in those courses. Explore the development of minor fields of study. An example would be a student who majors in Business Management and minors in Spanish.

  • Guided Pathways Design Teams:
    • Mapping & Interest Areas
    • Student Experience
    • Data & Equity
    • Marketing & Communications
    • K-12 Outreach: Work with K-12 partners to implement Guided Pathways programs that help students transitioning from high school to college to enter and stay on a clear path towards meeting their educational and career goals.
    • Completion Teams: a group of faculty, including counselors, support services staff, and student mentors who assist students in completing their academic goals. Research how other schools have implemented completion teams on their campus, and develop IVC’s Completion Team Model.

  • Student Services: Determine how to configure Student Services to best meet the needs of students in the Guided Pathways model. Use research data to determine optimal support services which could include extended hours and redistribution of support services across campus. Explore creating a one-stop Student Support Center.