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Physical Sciences & Technologies:

School of Physical Sciences and Technologies at IVC

physicsThe School of Physical Sciences and Technologies offers courses and programs in various branches of the physical sciences, including astronomy, chemistry, geology, oceanography, physics, and the modern technologies including electronics and laser-optics.

Instructional programs include lower-division courses for the transfer student, introductory lecture/laboratory courses, the geology field program, and technological training courses. Curriculum throughout the school emphasizes the study of the natural universe from the prospective of empirical science. The goal is to provide students with an essential foundation which will allow them to better appreciate and understand our world and the problems of its management. The faculty of the school hopes to maximize the opportunity for students to give abstract theories practical application and personal relevance.

Faculty members in the physical sciences and technologies are involved in the ongoing process of developing and articulating their curriculum with input from local industries, area specialists, and colleagues from surrounding colleges and universities. The curriculum is designed to meet the educational needs of those who are seeking immediate employment; those who are presently working and need to keep current with dynamic, rapidly evolving technologies and their equipment; and those who are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university.


Lianna Zhao, MD
Dean, Physical Sciences & Technologies

T: 949-451-5561 
O: LSB 202

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