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Geology Curriculum

The following are the core courses offered at IVC in Earth science, geology, and marine science. Other courses, including seminars and special topics, may be offered from time to time.

Geology Courses
  • Geology 1: Physical Geology
  • Geology 2: Historical Geology
  • Geology 3: Geology of California
  • Geology 10: Marine geology
  • Geology 22: History of the Earth
  • Geology 23: Natural Disasters
  • Geology 99: Seminar in Geology
  • Geology 110: Geology of National Parks
  • Geology 189: Special Topics in Geology
  • Geology 199: Seminar in geology
  • Geology 289: Special Topics in Geology


Earth Science
  • Earth Science 20: Introduction to Earth Science


Marine Science
  • Marine Science 1: Geological Oceanography
  • Marine Science 2: Physical and Chemical Oceanography
  • Marine Science 20: Introduction to Oceanography


Geology Field Studies
  • Geology 170: Geology Field Studies: Geology of National parks and Monuments
  • Geology 172: Geology Field Studies: Mojave Desert
  • Geology 173: Geology Field Studies: Death Valley
  • Geology 174: Geology Field Studies: Eastern Sierras
  • Geology 175: Geology Field Studies: San Andreas Fault
  • Geology 178: Geology Field Studies: Joshua Tree, San Jacinto, Colorado Desert Areas
  • Geology 179: Geology Field Studies: Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks
  • Geology 181: Geology Field Studies: Coastal and Offshore Geology
  • Geology 182: Geology Field Studies: Coast Ranges/Morro Bay
  • Geology 183: Geology Field Studies: Anza-Borrego State Park and the Salton Trough
  • Geology 185: Geology Field Studies: Yosemite National Park


Dr. Lianna Zhao, MD
School of Physical Sciences & Technologies, Dean

T: 949-451-5561 

Life Sciences Building (B400)
Room LSB 202

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