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Astronomy at IVC


The curriculum in physical science includes courses in astronomy and physics. The curriculum is designed to attract and cultivate the student's imagination as to the origin, composition, and mechanics of the solar system; the movement of objects in relation with gravitational, magnetic, and electrical forces; the interaction between matter and energy; the behavior of light; and the physical characteristics of substances.

Courses offered through the curriculum meet general education requirements in natural sciences. They also may be taken as electives toward a major in liberal arts and sciences, or they may be taken to meet the requirements for an Associate in Arts degree with a major in physical science.


While a baccalaureate degree is recommended preparation for those considering professional careers related to physical science, the completion of the associate degree program will demonstrate commitment to the field and will provide comprehensive preparation for upper-division work.

The purpose of this degree is to provide a solid background in the areas of physical science. By choosing the appropriate courses from the recommended electives list, students should be able to continue their education in chemistry, physics, engineering and many other fields in the physical sciences which require these courses as prerequisites.