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Indian VaseAnthropology at IVC

Anthropology is the study of the organization, behavior, and development of the human species. Physical anthropology examines the fossil remains of ancestral humans and the behavior of primates in order to construct theories of how and why human beings have evolved. Cultural anthropology is concerned with the basic structures of human cultures, particularly with regard to subsistence strategies, social organization, language, religion, and political and economic systems.


Students majoring in anthropology focus especially on the implications of human behavior and the nature of human interactions. Thus, the major is ideal for those who intend a career which obliges a high degree of such interaction, particularly of a bicultural or multicultural form. Students considering careers in social work, international affairs, teaching, politics, public health, and journalism will find the anthropology major appropriate. Students intending to specialize in anthropology on the professional level almost always attend graduate school, since employment in the field usually requires an advanced degree.


Traci Fahimi
Dean, Social & Behavioral Sciences

Connie Frey
Sr. Admin. Assistant, Social & Behavioral Sciences
T: 949-451-5717