Administration of Justice:

Orientation for AOJ ONLINE courses

The following information pertains to all AOJ online/Hybrid courses. Please read all of this information before starting your class in order to have the best opportunity to succeed in the class.

Welcome to online learning in the Administration of Justice program at Irvine Valley College. The purpose of our online courses is to expand your opportunity for learning while allowing you flexibility in your course schedule. For online classes, these courses involve online delivery of ALL coursework and DO NOT require any on-campus meetings. For Hybrid courses, you will attend in-class lectures while completing all of your work online outside of the classroom. In order to complete these courses, you must be able to have a basic computer skills with the minimum requirements stated below.

If you do not own a computer, you are not disqualified from taking an online/hybrid course. IVC offers student access to several computers on campus in the IVC Library, and the Student Success Center and the Computer Lab in the BSTIC Building (BST 209). These campus computers do not have 24 hour access however, and may be in use by other students, especially during busy times. It is highly suggested that you have access to a computer with these minimum requirements at your home or work in order to be successful in our classes.

Technical Requirements

Online Courses at Irvine Valley College can be viewed on the IVC Online Education website.

Suggested Software Requirements

You should have, and know how to use, a word processing program such as Microsoft Office, but can also accept documents from any word processing software. However, if you are using a program other than MS Word to create documents, you must save your document in the plain text (.txt), Portable Document Format (pdf), or html format, otherwise I may not be able to open them or they may convert incorrectly; We are not responsible for any document that is missing information or incorrect due to the conversion process. I recommend that you have Adobe Reader and Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer. While I create my lectures (and lecture notes) in PowerPoint, these presentations are usually embedded into the course via Youtube or a link to the video presentation. The notes are generally posted in PDF format.

Help Desk:

Students enrolled in online classes at Irvine Valley College are supported by the campus office of Technical Services. If you are having technical issues with your computer, student email, or the Blackboard course website, the information on the Student Technical Support http://academics.ivc.edu/de/Pages/default.aspx page will answer most of your questions. For assistance with logging in to Canvas, Mysite, etc, please access the Saddleback/IVC Login FAQ. http://www.socccd.edu/help/login.htm

The Canvas Course Website



All IVC online/hybrid classes will utilize the CANVAS Learning Management System as of 1/1/2018. If you are not familiar with Canvas, please take the time to review the Canvas Guides https://guides.instructure.com/s/2204, which will provide basic information on accessing and navigating your Canvas Course. You have two options to log into the Canvas course website. The easiest and most convenient is to use the IVC Canvas Login link https://ivc.instructure.com/login/ldap. You may also access Canvas from the link at the top of the IVC

homepage http://www.ivc.edu/pages/default.aspx. Your Canvas user name and password is the same as you would use to access MySite (this information should have been provided to you when you registered at the school). Once you log into Canvas, you should see your course (or a list of courses). Click the link for your course and you will be directed to the home page of the course. Once you access the homepage, you will see a list of navigational links on the left side of the page. These links will get you to the different areas you will need to be successful in the course.

There are several important areas to pay attention to in the Canvas course. First and foremost is the link to your Syllabus, which is your directory for the entire semester. The syllabus contains all of the important information for the class, specifically the class description and important contact information, ground rules and policies for the class, including academic honesty, participation, and attendance, textbook information, learning objectives, grading information, and an overview of typical weekly assignments, including how to complete assignments, and dates of assignments, tests/quizzes, and weekly reading assignments. If after reading the syllabus and you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Other key areas of importance are found in the MODULES link. I would highly suggest starting your class by reviewing all of the information in both the Student Canvas Guides, Tutorials, and Technical Support Module (General information and navigation for Canvas) and the Course Documents Module (for help with email and library access). Each week,

there will be a MODULE for your weekly tasks and assignments along with links for submitting your weekly work. The

weekly modules will also contain access to weekly lectures, tests/quizzes, Discussions, and any other supplemental reading or handouts. Discussions are used weekly to supplant any topics that we would generally discuss in the classroom setting. There will usually be a discussion each week, and your input is mandatory!! More information will be provided in the syllabus under Discussion participation. The Weekly External Links Module will contain links to outside websites that relate to and enhance the weekly topic. You will be required to access these links each week (I do track access to the external links) and you can usually find information in these links to assist with your assignments, discussions, and tests!!

IVC/Saddleback Off-campus Library Access

At times, you will be required to access library databases in order to read articles that will supplement the text readings and the weekly material. Both IVC and Saddleback offer off-campus access to their libraries for registered students. Please review the directions for accessing the Off-campus material for both the IVC and Saddleback College libraries at the Off-Campus Library Access page http://academics.ivc.edu/sbs/aoj/Pages/OffCampusLibraryAccess.aspx.

Student Email

The Canvas course website will be our primary mode of communication. Canvas allows the sending of email from within the software itself. However, the only email address that Canvas recognizes is your IVC student provided email account. In order to receive emails from me about class information, material, and assignments, you will need to check your IVC email frequently. There is a way around this by forwarding your IVC email account to your favorite email that you check regularly. Please refer to http://academics.ivc.edu/sbs/aoj/Pages/Email-Forwarding.aspx on how to forward your IVC email account.


Each week, the student will be required to complete the tasks listed in the Weekly Module in Canvas. This is an example of a typical weekly list of tasks:

  1. Read the assigned chapter from the textbook
  2. View the online lecture for the assigned chapter
  3. Visit the websites listed for the week in the External Links Module, and utilize this information when completing the assignments and discussions.
  4. Participate in the weekly Discussion. Your participation includes an original response to the question(s) asked.
  5. This response must be posted by 11:59 PM on Friday (This is a discussion, not a posting board, so that is the reason for the earlier deadline for this task).
  6. Reply to at least two other student’s original posts to the weekly question(s). Your replies to other student original posts must be completed by 11:59 PM on Sunday night.
  7. While it is not required, it would be courteous to respond to anyone student who has posted a reply to your original post.
  8. Other online reading and research assignments
  9. Tests / Quizzes

*****Weekly assignments start on Monday and all work must be submitted by 11:59 PM the following Sunday or you will not receive credit for the work!!

Please pay attention to these deadlines! Students have a tendency to wait to the last minute to complete assignments and discussion posts and that is when most students in my classes run into problems, as other things come up, computers don't work, or the internet goes down. These are not acceptable excuses for late work so do not bother even asking! Also, Canvas issues or outages, or local internet and/or computer issues, are NOT an acceptable excuse for late work, unless the outage is several days long and effects all students. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your assignment completion.

Textbook Information:

Yes I do use textbooks in my classes and the majority of material in the class is taken from the textbook. All of my tests and quizzes are based upon specific information that is taken from the course textbooks. Many students attempt to complete these classes without textbooks while using the Internet as the sole source for information. Just so you know, many of these students end up failing my class and having to repeat the class in a future semester. Don't see yourself short by trying to get by without a textbook. Textbooks are available for immediate purchase at the IVC Bookstore on campus. Books may be purchased online from the Online IVC Bookstore. You may purchase/rent your textbooks wherever you find them the cheapest (yes, the IVC bookstore WILL price match, even online sites), but just be careful with delivery times when purchasing at other than the IVC bookstore. I really do not care how you obtain your textbook as long as you have it for the first day of class and slow delivery is not an excuse for not completing your assignments!!

All required and recommended textbooks will also be listed in the specific course syllabus. In order to give you a head start in obtaining your books, I have listed the required books for most courses on the Online Textbooks page.

If you have any questions after reviewing this orientation information, please contact your instructor.


Traci Fahimi
Dean, Social & Behavioral Sciences

Connie Frey
Sr. Admin. Assistant, Social & Behavioral Sciences
T: 949-451-5717