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Political Science:

Departmental Mission Statement

The Department of Political Science strives to further the primary goals of the Irvine Valley College Mission Statement. Completion of political science courses will assist students in meeting their career, transfer and lifelong learning goals as members of a diverse and changing society. The Department of Political Science strives to offer a curriculum of diversity and breadth that prepares students to be astute and keen political observers and actors. The study of politics is relevant to students' lives today and provides them the skills needed to effectively participate in the political system. In addition to traditional courses, the department provides opportunities for student learning outside the classroom through internships and co-curricular activities. The faculty are committed to currency in their fields, teaching excellence, and mentoring outside the classroom. Departmental faculty also recognize and embrace a wider role beyond teaching that encompasses work on campus and in governmental affairs at the local, state, national and international levels.

Departmental Learning Objectives

 Students earning and AA degree in Political Science will be able to:

  • Identify the institutions, players and processes in both American national and state government.
  • Understand the importance of citizenship and political participation.
  • Analyze the exercise of power in formal governmental institutions and non-governmental institutions.
  • Differentiate and classify political systems, their historical context and development, and the social and economic systems with which they interact.
  • Compare the U.S. political system to the political systems of European, Asian, African, Latin American, and Middle Eastern states.
  • Describe the political and economic relations among states and the transnational relations practiced by people, organizations, and institutions.
  • Identify the methods, approaches, or theories used in accumulating and interpreting information applicable to the discipline of political science.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary political issues and be able to present differing ideological viewpoints.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills and formulate and defend an argument about politics in a written and/or oral format.
  • Demonstrate the basic research skills necessary to write a paper in the discipline of political science.
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of the content of the major subfields in political science: American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory.


Traci Fahimi
Dean, Social & Behavioral Sciences

Connie Frey
Sr. Admin. Assistant, Social & Behavioral Sciences
T: 949-451-5717