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Sustainability & Resource Management:

Sustainability & Resource Management

Two Semesters and You're On the Way to a Green Career!

As more cities and businesses develop recycling and zero waste policies, the need increases for personnel  who can properly manage resource use and recycling.  Utilizing resources efficiently can enable businesses to increase their economic bottom line, improve community relations, and contribute to environmental health. Recent CA State legislation (AB341) requires every business target the goal of recycling 75% of their waste by 2020. This training program will provide students with the resources they need to compete in the fast-growing green economy.

The sustainability and resource management curriculum emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach, exploring recycling and resource management from a variety of perspectives and in a variety of settings. Core curriculum provides students with an in-depth study of waste and resource management, emphasizing cultural, community, and business applications.  Courses cover governmental and organizational policies, practices, and procedures in waste resource management, including best management practices and successful community and educational programs. 


Jodi Titus
Faculty Advisor

T: 949-451-5659