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Student Success Center:

Register for TU301

Step 1: Log in to your MySite account

Step 2: Click on the “My Classes” button

Step 3:. Click the “Add/Drop Classes” button for the current semester

Step 4: Display the screen shown below: (there are two options)

step 1 

  1. If you know the ticket number,  type an example for Spring 2020. Then click the “Add Class” button
  2. If you do not know the ticket number,  click “Find Classes” button and then follow the steps below:
    step 2

    Scroll down to “Location”=BSTIC110 and “Instructor”=B. McKim
    step 3

Then you will receive the message below:

step 4 

Step 5: Click the “Next” button, then click the “Complete Registration” button

Congratulations, you are now registered for the Student Success Center!