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Economic & Workforce Development:

What is IVC EWD?

The Economic and Workforce Development department’s (EWD) mission includes developing the skills and capabilities of the modern workforce to help local businesses meet their goals. EWD achieves this by providing convenient, affordable, and responsive employee training solutions.

We provide programs tailored to our business clients' needs. If you are an individual or a business in need of training, skills enhancement, or professional development, EWD can help you improve your skills, performance, and productivity.

EWD supports the state of California’s Doing What Matters workforce training initiative by focusing on priority and emerging sectors within Orange County, including advanced manufacturing, energy, and bio-technology.

Workforce Development

EWD is an active partner with Orange County businesses and industries, helping them expand employee skills and knowledge to increase business competitiveness. Through its economic and workforce development programs, Irvine Valley College delivers proven workforce enhancement training and skill development to our business partners’ employees.

Solutions for your Business

Technology has raised the skill levels required for nearly all occupations. Employers are reporting skill gaps that hinder their employees’ performance. EWD can help employers with the proper training and skill development to improve on-the-job performance.


Bill Kerwin
Director, Economic & Workforce Development

T: 949-282-2718

Advanced Technology and Education Park (ATEP)
15445 Lansdowne Road
Tustin, CA 92782
(Map Location)


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