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Economic & Workforce Development:

Intro to PLC Programming

PLCThis is a fee-based, not-for-credit, workforce training course introducing programmable logic controllers (PLCs) including design, programming and troubleshooting of PLC systems used in factory automation and industrial systems. Students will learn applications for PLCs, PLC components, PLC setup, PLC troubleshooting, PLC safety, best practices, and how to setup and program a PLC.

Subjects Covered:

  • Overview of PLCs & Components Programming Tools
  •  PLC Logic
  • Code Requirements
  • Building a PLC Project
  • Data Manipulation
  • Safe Designs
  • Design Considerations
  • PLC Troubleshooting

Important Notice

Class is limited to only eight students.

There will be four programming projects in this class and two troubleshooting problems where the student has a time limit to find the problems and correct them. Get real world, hands-on instruction with an incredibly small student to instructor ratio.


Corine Doughty
Dean of Instruction, Economic & Workforce Development

Bill Kerwin
Director, Economic & Workforce Development

T: 949-282-2718

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