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Writing Center:

Writing Center & The Writing Conference

  • Students come to the Center to meet with English teachers for one-on-one conferences. During conference periods, students receive from instructors advice, direction, and encouragement regarding reading and writing assignments including essays, research papers, journals, brainstorming activities, and analysis and interpretation for written work assigned in Irvine Valley College writing classes only.  Note:  Instructors do not edit, proofread, ghost write, fix, or otherwise correct student writing.
  • Students may use the Center as a study area and may refer to the texts located there:  dictionaries, thesauri, atlas, grammar and research handbooks, Oxford English Dictionary, and numerous anthologies of classic and contemporary writing.
  • Students may use the Center's computers for academic purposes: to browse the Internet, check email, and word process.  In addition, if students purchase a print card, they may use the Center's printer.
  • All students enrolled in WR 301 must also enroll in Writing 380, and all students enrolled in WR 201 must also  enroll in WR 280.  To use the services offered by the Writing Center, students enrolled in WR 1 may enroll in WR 181, and students in WR 2 may enroll in WR 182.

Once enrolled in the Writing Conference, students may confer with English instructors at any time instructors are on duty in the Writing Center.  Writing instructors do not confer with students who are not enrolled in the Writing Conference. 

Writing 380, 280, 181, and 182 are.5 unit, credit/no credit conference courses that allow Writing 301, 201, 1, and 2  students to use the services offered by the Writing Center:


Front Desk: 949-451-5249

Daniel de Roulet, PhD
English Professor

T: 949-451-5562 
LA 103

Beth Sanchez
Writing Center Technician

T: 949-451-5663
LA 103

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