Writing Center:

WR 181 & WR 182

  • WR 181 Writing Conference an optional, P/NP, 0.25 unit corequisite course for WR 1 or WR 1H.
  • WR 182 Writing Conference is an optional, P/NP, 0.25 unit corequisite course for WR 2 or WR 2H.

Earning Credit in WR 181 & WR 182

  • You must spend a minimum of 12 hours in the Writing Center during the term in which you are enrolled, whether your term is 18 weeks, 10 weeks, or 8 weeks long.
  • Begin spending time in the Center at the start of the semester by meeting frequently with English instructors on duty. You can talk to the instructors about your assignments, your readings, and any aspect of your writing process.
  • Spend time in the Center throughout the semester so that you make use of the resources to study and concentrate on improving your writing skills.
  • It is your responsibility to check up on your record of hours. The Center computers record the hours, and the counter staff at the Center will be happy to show you your records.
  • You must also complete a minimum of 2 formal conferences with an instructor in the Writing Center during the semester you are enrolled. In order to complete a formal conference, bring one of your essay prompts and a full or partial draft to the Center to sign up for a conference.


Email: IVCWritingCenter@ivc.edu
Front Desk: 949-451-5249

Deanna Scherger, PhD
English Professor
T: 949-451-5395
LA 103

Beth Sanchez
Writing Center Technician
T: 949-451-5663
LA 103

Summer Hours

M – TH: 8:30 am – 5 pm (Virtual)
M – TH: 11 am – 2:30 pm (In-Person)
Closed on weekends and campus holidays.