Computer Information Management at IVC

The Computer Information Management (CIM) Department in the School of Business Sciences conducts a program designed to offer training in hardware and software applications used in a variety of environments and enterprises. The program encompasses a broad area of study, including computer operating systems, software applications, and networking and internetworking technologies. Courses are designed to prepare students at various levels of competence - from the novice to the expert for immediate employment, professional careers, and/or transfer. The program combines classroom lecture/demonstration and individual hands-on training in a laboratory setting. Faculty members work closely with local businesses and industries to ensure relevant and state-of-the-art training.


Traci Fahimi
Dean, Business Sciences

Amy Hunter
Sr. Admin. Assistant, Business Sciences

Dr. Dan Scott, MBA, DBA
Academic Chair, Business Sciences

Business Sciences & Technology Innovation Center
T: 949-451-5310
F: 949-451-5775

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