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Supported Operating Systems & Web Browsers

Listed below are the supported operating systems and browsers for use with the CourseCompass. CourseCompass is a Web-based application and other browsers and operating system may work well, however, the listed configurations are the only configurations that are tested and supported by CourseCompass.

Useful Information

All configurations marked as Compatible and have undergone a limited engineering analysis to test areas of CourseCompass's that may have browser issues.

Operating Systems Browsers*
PC Windows XP Firefox 2.0

Internet Explorer, Version 6.0

Internet Explorer, Version 7.0

Netscape Navigator, Version 7.2

Windows Vista Firefox 2.0

Internet Explorer, Version 7.0

Mac Macintosh OS 10.4 Firefox 2.0

Safari 2.0

Netscape Navigator, Version 7.2

Macintosh OS 10.5 Safari 3.1

Your Pearson products (CourseCompass) and Internet Explorer 8In our testing, we have found almost all Pearson products to be fully functional in IE 8, either natively or using the IE 8 "Compatibility View option. All CourseCompass courses, for example, will work without any modification to the browser settings. If you are using an XL-powered CourseCompass course, however, such as MyMathLab or MyAccountingLab, IE 8 will automatically render certain pages in Compatibility View mode, which replicates the IE 7 browser within IE 8. In rare cases, with other Pearson online products, you will be asked to use an alternate browser, such as IE 7 or Firefox, both of which are fully supported.

Starting on or about the third week of April, Microsoft will begin a gradual roll-out of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). This roll-out will eventually expand to include all Windows users still running IE6 or IE7.

IE8 will not automatically install on your computer. Users will receive a notification through Windows Automatic Update about IE8.

You do not need to take any action to use your Pearson products with IE 8. For the latest information on Pearson's support of IE 8, please read the current 24/7 Support article on IE 8. Click the Notify Me by Email if this Answer is Updated button in the article to get updates on Pearson's progress toward supporting this important release.

Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Automatic Update. You must opt-in to install IE8. At the time of the Automatic Update you will see a Welcome screen that offers these choices: Ask me later, Install, or Don't install.

When you are ready to install IE 8, simply click Install. To opt out of IE 8 installation, or to install it later, click Don't install or Ask me later.

Note: The Safari 2.0 and Netscape browsers are not supported in some MyLab products, such as MyMathLab, MyEconLab, and MyAccountingLab. 

* If you have earlier versions of these browsers, you can download a newer version from the appropriate manufacturer's website:

  • For Firefox, go to http://www.getfirefox.com.
  • For Internet Explorer, go to http://www.microsoft.com.
  • For Safari, go to http://www.apple.com.
  • For Netscape Navigator, go to http://browser.netscape.com. (Netscape is no longer supported by AOL.)

AOL and AT&T Yahoo users: You cannot view CourseCompass using the AOL or AT&T Yahoo browsers. You can, however, use AOL or AT&T Yahoo as your Internet Service Provider to access the Internet, and then open one of the supported browsers within AOL or AT&T Yahoo to access CourseCompass.

Vista, Firefox, and Safari users: Although the platform on which CourseCompass is built (Blackboard has not been certified by Blackboard for use with the Vista operating system and the Firefox and Safari browsers, a subset of CourseCompass features have been tested with and do support the configurations shown in the preceding table.

Connection speed: CourseCompass requires an Internet connection with a minimum connection speed of 28.8 kbps (kilobits per second). The faster your connection, the faster you will be able to view this site and some of your course's content. If you are experiencing slow download times, you may need a faster connection. In this case, contact your school's technology department.

Browser settings: Cookies and JavaScript options CourseCompass uses cookies and JavaScript technology. Both of these features must be turned on in your browser, and are usually turned on by default. For instructions on how to view or change these browser options, see your browser Help.

MyLab Requirements: Some course and multimedia components such as MyMathLab, MyEconLab, and MyAccountingLab have specific operating system and browser requirements. Please check your specific product's requirements to ensure you can work successfully in an individual course.

  • For MyMathLab, see http://www.mymathlab.com/system.html.
  • For MyEconLab, see http://www.myeconlab.com/productinfo/sys_req.shtml.
  • For MyAccountingLab, see http://www.myaccountinglab.com/info/system.html.

Additional software: To use multimedia material provided with some courses, you may also need to download and install additional software. If you're uncertain whether you'll need these resources, you can open your course and see what it requires. Note that not all plug-ins are supported by all browsers.

Depending on the requirements for your course, you may be prompted to install:

  • The player window that you use to answer questions online, such as the MathXL Player, the MyEconLab Player, and so on.
  • Adobe Flash - Needed to run the player window in most courses and to view some tutorial videos.
  • Adobe Reader - Needed to view online CourseCompass guides and other PDF documents.
  • Adobe Shockwave - Needed to view animations in some courses.
  • Apple QuickTime - Needed to view the tutorial videos and animations that accompany your course, or hear audio files in any of 30 audio, video, and image formats, including Flash.
  • Java plug-in - Needed to view the Virtual Classroom and Chat sessions in CourseCompass.
  • RealNetworks RealPlayer - Needed to watch streamed media animations in some courses.
  • TestGen Player plug-in - Needed to view and take online TestGen tests in CourseCompass.

CourseCompass integrates Design Science WebEQ to enable instructors and students to include mathematical equations directly in course content and assessments.

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