High School Students

Many high school students have successfully completed Spanish courses at IVC. However, students and their parents must keep in mind that these are college courses, with age appropriate discussions and college level assignments. These courses are not intended to be used to make-up for failed courses at the high school level. Be advised that to succeed in a five unit course, the student is expected to spend approximately 10 hours a week on outside assignments; this means a fifteen hour a week commitment.

High school students will be treated as college students: the instructor will not remind students to turn in assignments, he/she will not accept assignments late, there will be no extra credit work and if the student has a problem with anything related to the class, he/she (not the parents) must speak to the instructor.

For information on prerequisites and appropriate course levels please see Prerequisites and Challenging a Course.


Brooke Bui, PhD
Dean, Languages & Learning Resources

O: LA 209

Erika Arendts
Sr. Admin. Assistant, Languages & Learning Resources

O: LA 207